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How exactly can we help you with how much marketing well let’s see first of all you will know is your current website from the marketing perspective to find answers to questions like how many visitors come to your site from what sources and devices did they come from what is a real goal of your website this will allow us to optimize your website to fulfill each real purpose secondly search engine optimization will definitely follow so we will take a look at what keywords or title or business what links point to your site and most importantly what can we do with the actual website content that should be better position uncertain consult page hey prefer campaigns are another way how we could help boost your business is paid online campaign can help you get more attentively searching though she’s an uncompetitive keywords completely track and measure and are also really flexible you can start them connect and if you want stop them tomorrow another great way penalty north is victory power wealth is disgusting active on social media we will choose just to network suitable to your business develop such a strategy to reach your fans and monitor and maintains a good reputation of your company finally you can also consider color marketing channels and techniques like email marketing mobile marketing or traditional offline channels about question fact or just one of those houses that design our strategy house in your specific business requirements just a contact I help companies individuals like you every day!

Internet Marketing, How it works.

Let me show you how it’s done starting with the first digital marketing strategy you definitely need to be using and baking into everything you do from this day forward this part is so important to your overall business and marketing success that we shouldn’t even call it a strategy at all it’s more like a principle or a marketing law so important that i even got a tattoo of it right here it’s something that every great marketer lives and dies by and it’s something that i’ve been preaching right here on youtube for over six years now which just goes to show how important this really is i’ll let this younger and slightly more awkward 2016 version of myself explain what I’m talking about now it all comes down to one word clarity do you know what you really offer and you know who it’s for that’s right the first thing you need to start with is clarity or to put it another way being intentional and strategic and thoughtful about your digital marketing this is one of those things that’s simple but not easy with so many different channels and platforms and tactics to choose from digital marketing can often look and feel really overwhelming hmm what kind of marketing should i do today i could do b to b b to c b c a c c calculate c l b c and s o b increase clv marketing ideas living rent free fb I can do seo cro make a new qr code try to be the ceo take our business public with an ipo cause everybody knows i’m a bad with a bankroll long story short by getting clear about what you do and who you do it for it enables you to cut down on 80 to 90 of the options available and really allows you to focus on the one or two or three things that are most valuable to you right now which is a whole lot better than trying to decide between which one of the over 5000 different pieces of marketing software you’re gonna use next so the first thing you need to do with any campaign is get clear on what you offer what makes it different better unique special and valuable and the second part to that is getting equally clear on who your ideal customer is including the basic elements like their age and gender and income and occupation and what city state province or country they live in as well as the more complicated and important stuff like trying to identify what i call their miracles and miseries their miracles are all of their wants and goals and dreams and desires their miseries are all of their problems and pains and fears and frustrations your job as a marketer is to help show them how your business your offer your product or your service can help move them away from their miseries and towards their miracles and whoever does that best wins okay next up I’ve got a strategy to share with you that you’re either gonna love or hate but regardless of how you feel about it there’s no arguing that it works and it works incredibly well this is because when it comes to marketing your business you really only have two choices a you can adapt or b you can not adapt and then suffer the consequences of being irrelevant and as i’ve said before irrelevant businesses and are relevant marketing they don’t get clicks they don’t get calls and they don’t get sales so the best way to avoid being irrelevant and become relevant yeah that made sense well the best way to do that is with video talking about video is one of the most important digital marketing strategies sounds kind of obvious i mean this shouldn’t be a secret the verdict is in your clients your customers and your audience want more video the social media platforms all want more video and most of the content online is now video based yes text still works blogs are still a thing and yes podcasting still works maybe better now than ever before as it’s become more mainstream and popular but neither of those come close to video in regards to both popularity and effectiveness after all video allows you to see and hear someone and with the right kinds of captions you can keep people engaged by allowing you to read parts of what you’re saying as well and as for building trust and becoming an authority in your business your market in your industry well next to being face to face video really is the next best thing and it allows you to communicate a ton of value very quickly now when it comes to video video marketing in particular there’s a ton of different things you can do depending on your experience and your comfort level and your budget of both time and money the easiest way to get started though by far is to simply grab your phone and shoot a quick 15 to 30 second story for instagram it’s fast it’s simple there’s basically no barrier to entry and it allows you to show your more personal side really quickly without any need for editing or polishing or any kind of production whatsoever if you want to take it to the next level though creating a more polished instagram reel is definitely worth your time right now instagram reels are getting a little bit of an extra push from the algorithm and allowing you to reach more people organically so now’s the time to hop on this trend another thing you can do is shoot a short form vertical video like an instagram reel but do it outside of the app using your phone’s camera and then upload it not just to instagram as a reel but also to tiktok and to youtube as a youtube short from there the next best place to go is obviously youtube despite what you may have heard it is absolutely not too late to start and I truly believe that we’re at the beginning of what’s going to be a very long multi-year run where youtube continues to get bigger and better and more popular but the big giveaway and the indicator here that youtube really isn’t going anywhere anytime soon is thefact that at least when it comes to longer form videos well it really doesn’t have any competitors sure there are websites like vimeo where you can upload longer form videos but they don’t have the social aspect baked into it and yes there are other social sites where you can also upload longer form videos like say facebook but they don’t have the search and the discovery elements baked into that so if you can and if you’re willing to try youtube is definitely the best platform for video period okay next up i’ve got a strategy to share with you that you may not have heard before and it’s a bit of a secret weapon when it comes to doubling or even tripling the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns and that’s to incorporate a little old-school marketing magic into your marketing campaigns using 0.20202020 or online to offline to online though it also works in reverse is where you start your customer journey online then you send them offline then you bring them back online i appreciate that sounds a little confusing why would you want to do that so here’s an example of how this might look through a customer journey first you could start your digital marketing campaign online maybe with some free content or a paid advertising method like google ads or facebook ads this would guide your prospect to a landing page or an opt-in page where they could enter their name and email or any other contact details in exchange for some kind of valuable download or pdf or worksheet or something like that once on your email list you can follow up with them there and offer them some kind of low barrier to entry purchase which could be a free plus shipping offer a book a report or some kind of small physical product the beauty here is that you now have their mailing address so you can follow up with them later this part’s probably pretty obvious but it’s still worth saying a physical mailing address is typically a more valuable piece of contact information for your prospects because people change their email addresses and their phone numbers far more often than they change their actual physical mailing addresses and from there you can mail them more offers for online products or services and you can track the effectiveness of your offline or direct mail campaigns by sending them to different websites with different URLs for tracking purposes and the o to o to o strategy works so well for a few different reasons first the statistics vary but depending on the market and industry and the purchase price well consumers need around 6 to 12 touch points with a brand on average before doing business there’s also a psychological phenomenon known as the mere exposure effect that shows that we as people associate frequency with trust so the more often you can show up in front of your target market the better next direct mail which is physically mailing people things is different and unexpected and perceived to have a higher value not only that but direct mail is still read and appreciated by millennials and younger demographics not to mention it gives you another way to contact your customers and the more channels you’re active on the lower the risk is of say losing touch with them if facebook were to shut down your ad account or youtube deletes one of your videos or your email marketing just keeps getting sent to people’s spam folders and if you’re looking for even more fast free and incredibly effective marketing strategies then you definitely want to learn about my number one organic marketing strategy that I’m using right now and i’ve linked up a video right here that will show you exactly how to do it so make sure to check it out now and i’ll see in the next video the solution is to use a combination approach known as peso which stands for paid earned shared and owned so let me break those down for you now paid media is wait for it anything that you pay for

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