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More than 95% of text messages are read within five minutes of receipt. More messages received means more engagement, more leads, more business. At only pennies per text, text messaging is as affordable as it is effective.

We even offer unlimited monthly text marketing plans. Even though technology, has developed more than most people, could have imagined over the past decade, text message marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways of acquiring customers, developing brand awareness and increasing sales. Many of the world´s leading businesses – Ford, Walmart and Coca Cola, for example – use text message marketing as a means of means of connecting with customers, keeping their brands at the forefront of their customers´ minds, and promoting exclusive offers.

Smaller businesses also take advantage of the intimacy of text message marketing to drive customers to their premises. Text message marketing is the ideal vehicle for bars, restaurants and smaller retail enterprises to get their message heard in the noisy direct marketing environment.

Text Message Marketing Is Effective

Text Message Marketing Is Effective Call Us 321-848-2353

Text message marketing is effective because nearly everybody has a mobile device capable of receiving an SMS message. Consequently text message marketing has a broader reach than any other channel of marketing communication. In addition, people prefer to communicate by text. In 2014, a Gallup survey that revealed – in the under-50 age group – texting had become a more popular form of communication than email or phone calls – and twice as popular as communicating by social media. A year later, Pew Research Center published a study that showed that 91% of Americans keep their mobile devices within arm´s reach at all times, and that 62% of cellphone users check their devices for new messages as soon as they wake up each day. The intimacy of text messaging is a factor in the effectiveness of text message marketing.

People tend not to give away their cellphone numbers without good cause. So, when a customer opts into a business´s text marketing service, it is a sign the customer wants to hear what the business has to say. In order to start a text marketing service, you will need a bulk text messaging account. The account provider will supply you with the tools you need to build a database of customers and access to their bulk text messaging platform from which your text message marketing campaigns will be run.

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